Axioma Delivers Vaadin Services in Italy

Sami Ekblad
On May 26, 2011 8:11:00 AM

Update 2012-06-01: Axioma is no longer official Vaadin partner in Italy. Read more about our current partners at


We are proud to announce a new Vaadin Solution Partner from Milano, Italy. Axioma S.p.A. has been using Vaadin successfully in their development for a long time and they now taking the next step by becoming an official Vaadin partner.

Axioma has history in developing business web applications and they have built solutions for company portals, business intelligence, product configuration, CRM, supply chain management and sales. Recently Axioma has created a platform with Vaadin that makes easier and quicker to develop web 2.0 applications.

Read the full press release here and visit the partner page at

Sami Ekblad
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