Vaadin Framework 8.1 is now stable

I’m pleased to announce that Vaadin Framework 8.1 is now declared as stable. As discussed earlier, it brings the much awaited component support to the Grid’s columns, Vaadin 8 style support for hierarchical data structures (Tree and TreeGrid), improved drag and drop support, and enhanced OSGi (& Liferay 7) features.

In addition to the major features, there is a set of smaller enhancements and bugfixes included. To see the full list of changes, refer to the release notes.

Our active community deserves a big thanks for the participation during the beta and alpha periods. Many APIs became simpler and several bugs were fixed before the final release.

Try it out now!

Upgrade from version 8.0 series is super simple. Just change the version in your pom.xml to 8.1.0 and you can start hacking with the new features. If you are upgrading from version 7, you can follow the instructions from the docs site.

To create fresh new projects, follow the instructions on the get started page.

See what’s new in 8.1

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Posted on 7/25/17 11:30 AM.
Much awaited release! Thanks guys!
Posted on 7/27/17 12:13 AM.
Great new features!

Unfortunately there still is no support for binding instance fields with @PropertyId with nested properties, as was possible in Vaadin 7. (see
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