Framework 8 marches on and becomes 8.1

Just a couple of months ago we released Vaadin Framework 8.0, a major version of our popular Java web framework that renewed the API and added dozens of improvements. Now, we are soon shipping version 8.1 which contains some highly requested features. The most interesting ones are:


  • Components in Grid: Display not only data but also UI components such as buttons, checkboxes or any other UI components inside Grid cells, without developing custom client side extensions.

  • Drag & Drop in Grid: Drag and drop rows to the same or another Grid. This is built with standard HTML5 technology to ensure the highest compatibility with supported browsers and make it interoperable with e.g. desktop applications. As drag and drop is a rather complex and versatile feature, we’d love it if the beta testers could look into the renewed D&D features and give us some feedback!

  • Tree and TreeGrid components: Show hierarchical data using the new Tree and TreeGrid components.

Other improvements

But that’s not all! The Vaadin team together with Liferay specialists and community members worked hard to make Framework 8.1 apps easy to use with Liferay 7. We did this by ensuring that our OSGi configuration is top notch and tested the setup extensively together with Sampsa Sohlman of Liferay. 

To see a list of other small improvements, refer to the beta release notes and the full list of changes from Github.

How to try it out?

The easiest way to try version 8.1 is by creating a new Maven project. Just run the following command and import the generated project to your favorite IDE: 

mvn archetype:generate  \
  -DarchetypeGroupId=com.vaadin  \
  -DarchetypeArtifactId=vaadin-archetype-application  \
  -DarchetypeRepository=  \

Try Vaadin Framework 8.1 now and let us know what you think. You can report any issues, suggestions or findings on GitHub or the forum. Thanks in advance!

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Thats awesome! Does Vaadin 8.1 still support Liferay 6.2 along with Vaadin IPC?
Posted on 5/25/17 1:13 AM.
I get an error while trying the command above:
mvn archetype:generate -DarchetypeGroupId=com.vaadin -DarchetypeArtifactId=vaadinarchetype-application -DarchetypeRepository= -DarchetypeVersion=8.1.0.beta1

Generating project in Interactive mode
Archetype repository not defined. Using the one from [com.vaadin:vaadin-a
rchetype-application:8.0.6] found in catalog remote
The POM for com.vaadin:vaadin-archetype-application:jar:8.1.0.beta1 is
missing, no dependency information available
Posted on 5/25/17 2:04 PM.
Vaadin 8.1 still supports Liferay 6.2 (though without OSGi), and I haven't checked yet if Vaadin IPC works without modifications but at least it shouldn't need any bigger changes.
Posted on 5/26/17 11:46 AM in reply to Gordon Augat.
The archetype command seems to have a typo - should have vaadin-archetype-application rather than vaadinarchetype-application
Posted on 5/26/17 11:51 AM in reply to Javier Alberto Ortiz Bultron.
It looks like there is a bug in the current archetype plug-in, which sometimes does not respect the archetypeRepository parameter. You can replace the "archetype:generate" with "org.apache.maven.plugins:maven-archetype-plugin:2.4:generate" in the command if you run into that issue.
Posted on 5/26/17 12:03 PM in reply to Javier Alberto Ortiz Bultron.
Juha thanks for your post. Will the grid now support different row heights when putting different UI components into it?
Posted on 6/28/17 8:21 AM.
Posted on 7/17/17 10:37 AM.
Sounds great! Would also like to know the planned schedule for the release.
Posted on 7/17/17 7:12 PM.
Asking a schedule is a little silly, as they ship when ready. You can look at the ( page to see for yourself the rapid deliveries of betas, and see that they are now on their second RC (Release Candidate). So shipping may happen any day. Rather than waiting for that date, you should be busy testing right now with the RC releases.
Posted on 7/23/17 8:54 PM in reply to Bora Aydemir.
I´ve 2 problems trying to run Liferay 7 with Vaadin 8.1.beta3:
a) My previous example with Vaadin 7.7.6 I use @Reference OSGi annotation. Now it seems it does not work.
b) When I start Liferay, Vaadin Liferay Integration bundle send an error the Vaadin share is nos ready. I stopped and start the bundle and it works.
Posted on 7/24/17 7:10 PM in reply to Basil Bourque.
Posted on 7/24/17 7:10 PM in reply to Ricardo Legorreta.