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Vaadin Framework

Apache License 2.0

Vaadin Framework lets you build single page web apps in server-side Java or any other JVM language. All of the browser–server communication and DTOs are automated for you. Your app's state resides on the server, but your end-users use an HTML5 web app in their browsers.

#1 single-page web framework for Java developers The 2014 Decision Maker's Guide to Java Web Frameworks
Web UIs in server-side Java

// All of this code is running in your server's JVM
// Create a TextField input.
TextField name = new TextField("Your Name", "Vaadin");

// Access any server-side API directly.
ServletContext servletContext = VaadinServlet
String serverName = servletContext.getServerInfo();

// Create a Button and define a server-side click listener.
Button greetButton = new Button("Greet the Server");
greetButton.addClickListener(event ->"Hello " + name.getValue() + "!\n" +
                          "I'm " + serverName));

// Display TextField and Button vertically.
VerticalLayout layout = new VerticalLayout(name, greetButton);
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Powerful components

// List of entities from any Java backend (EJB/JPA/Spring/etc).
List<Person> personList = backendService.getAllPersons();

// Create a Grid and data-bind the Person objects.
Grid grid = new Grid();
        new BeanItemContainer<Person>(Person.class, personList));

// Define which columns to be displayed.
grid.setColumnOrder("firstName", "lastName", "email");
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Layouting in Java or markup

public class PersonForm extends FormLayout {
    // Define the input fields for data.
    TextField firstName = new TextField("First name");
    TextField lastName = new TextField("Last name");
    TextField email = new TextField("Email");
    DateField birthday = new DateField("Birthday");

    public PersonForm() {
        addComponents(firstName, lastName, email, birthday);

// Create a PersonForm and bind form fields to a person bean.
PersonForm form = new PersonForm();
BeanFieldGroup.bindFieldsUnbuffered(personBean, form);

    <v-text-field _id="firstName" caption="First name" />
    <v-text-field _id="lastName" caption="Last name" />
    <v-text-field _id="email" caption="Email" />
    <v-date-field _id="birthday" caption="Birthday" />
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