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Vaadin is a Java framework for building modern web applications that look great, perform well and make you and your users happy.


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The User Interface for Your Business

Rich user interface components By building your application from the hundreds of polished components that are available, you can focus on designing the best user experience.

Built on HTML5 Lightning fast rendering and modern web technologies let you move even the most demanding applications to the web platform with ease. No need for installations or plug-ins.

Looks matter Your application is percieved to be as good as its user interface. Use one of the amazing themes bundled with Vaadin or create a tailored look and feel for your application.


The Best of Both Sides

The speed of the server driven programming model combined with the added flexibility of client-side solutions allow you to double your productivity as well as fine-tune the user experience. All by using the Vaadin framework.
Your code runs safely on the server – making your application inherently more secure.
Works with all modern browsers, desktop and mobile. No browser plug-ins or installations required.
Vaadin is all about components to support teamwork, maintenance and code re-use, with hundreds of add-ons.
Break through the abstraction, when you need, from the server-side to Google Web Toolkit to JavaScript and HTML5.

Trust Built on Freedom

Vaadin is a rock-solid base to build your business-critical applications on. The stability goes beyond the technology. With over 10 years of history, open source license, commercial backing and an amazing community, you can trust in the continuity of Vaadin.
Active Community
  • Over 355 add-ons available
  • 110.000 developers from 6.500 cities monthly
  • 93% year over year growth
Used by Industry


Commercially Supported Support and services are provided by both the 50+ person Vaadin team behind the technology and a network of solution partners globally. Services »


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