Vaadin Framework is a Java web application development framework that helps you create and maintain high quality web applications. Vaadin supports two programming models: server-side and client-side. Read more about the architecture.

Feature Highlights

Comprehensive Component Framework
  • A large set of user interface components, controls and widgets
  • Rich and interactive widgets with built-in lazy loading
  • Mobile touch event support
  • Drag and drop support
  • Build layouts in Java or in HTML - or both
  • Data binding using MVC (model-view-controller) or MVP (model-view-presenter)
  • Create new components with composition and inheritance
  • Over 550 add-on components available at vaadin.com/directory
Web Compatibility
  • Client-side is based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • No browser plugins needed
  • Supports all major web browsers (see separate list)
  • Browser window and tab support
  • Back button support
  • Deep-linking support
  • URL parameter and fragment handling
  • Embed to any web page
  • HTML5 Audio support
  • Built-in Server push (using WebSockets, automatic fall back to (long) polling if not supported by browser/server)
Customizable Look and Feel
  • Powerful CSS and SASS based component styling
  • Good looking built-in themes and styles
  • Build custom application themes without changing Java code
Java Web Development
  • Java-only: type-safe, object-oriented web development
  • Easy and powerful server-side programming model
  • Maven based dependency management
  • OSGi compatible
  • Compatible with any other JVM language like Groovy
Secure Web Application Architecture
  • Server-side UI state management
  • Application code, validations and business logic runs in the server
  • Secure parameter and request validation
  • Built-in JSR-303 validation support
  • CSRF protection and SSL support
Extensible Component Architecture
  • Extensible widgets based on Google Web Toolkit (GWT)
  • Easy, Jar or Zip based widget packaging
  • Developer-to-developer distribution of add-ons in Vaadin Directory
  • Eclipse IDE plugin
  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin
  • Netbeans IDE integration
  • Maven and Ivy dependency management and artifacts
  • UI testing with Vaadin TestBench and JUnit
  • Java EE and Servlet 2.4+ based deployment (JSR-154)
  • Support Portlet deployment (JSR-286)
  • Compatible with Google App Engine* (GAE)

    * Due to GAE architecture, it is not recommended for large Vaadin applications.

Supported Web Browsers

  • Google Chrome 23 or newer
  • Safari 6 or newer
  • Edge 12 and newer
  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox 17 or newer
  • Opera 16 or newer
  • Android 2.3 or newer
  • iOS 5 or newer
  • Windows Phone 8 or newer

Supported Operating Systems

Vaadin is based on Java and works on any operating system supporting Java 6 or newer.

Supported Application Servers

  • Apache Tomcat, version 5.0 or newer
  • eXo Platform 3 or newer
  • GateIn Portal 3.1 or newer
  • Glassfish, version 2.0 or newer
  • Google App Engine*
  • IBM WebSphere® Application Server, version 7 or newer
  • JBoss Application Server, 4.0.0 or newer
  • Jetty, version 5.0 or newer
  • Liferay Portal 5.2 or newer
  • Oracle WebLogic® Server, version 10.3 or newer
  • WildFly 8 or newer

Vaadin supports Java Servlet API 2.4 and JSR-286 Portlet Specifications works with any Java application server that conforms to these standards.

Due to GAE architecture, it is not recommended for large Vaadin applications.

For a comprehensive view, see the release notes


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Vaadin Framework is distributed for free as Open Source, and it is licensed under permissive Apache License, version 2.0. This means for example that you may freely download and use Vaadin Framework for commercial, personal and non-commercial purposes. Read more »


In addition to core features listed here, there are over 400 add-ons for Vaadin available in the Vaadin Directory