Vaadin 24.4 integrates with React, unifies Flow and Hilla development, and more!

Welcome to Vaadin!

Henry Hagnäs
On May 20, 2009 12:00:00 AM

This is our new site and brand built for and around the software formerly known as IT Mill Toolkit, from now on we are calling it Vaadin. Don't worry, its still the same UI framework, same license but even more transparency! The new brand and site felt necessary as we have grown in users and as an open source community member. No need to worry about us going away either, IT Mill will still support and develop Vaadin and we still provide flexible commercial support where needed. As a company we are still healthy, profitable, and growing. 

We are moving all the valuable discussions we had in the old forums into a new forum, more integrated with the site. Existing users will receive a new password and instructions on how to continue the discussion via email. New users and people testing out Vaadin should try out the forums, we are actively participating and answering questions - its the best way to get help!

Speaking of documentation, we have a new "Book of Vaadin" that we are very proud of, it's available online for free but those who meet us in person at conferences, such as the upcoming JavaOne, can get it in paperback - for free!  

We have also recently released IT Mill Toolkit 5.4.0 and are working hard on a June launch of Vaadin 6.0 that will, among other things, have a new theme and many other improvements. You can already download a test-version of it! Our dev team is so awesome!

So in closing, welcome again to the Vaadin-site and we hope you will find what you were looking for! If not, please give us feedback - both on Vaadin, on the site and whatever you think we might possibly be capable of influencing :).