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Fredrik Rönnlund
On Mar 23, 2015 1:28:00 PM

We're happy to announce that all the GWT.create 2015 presentations are now online and there are lots of interesting talks for Vaadin users on the official Youtube channel. While it’s worth checking out what all the buzz on GWT and Singular on the web is about, you as a Vaadin developer might be more interested in Vaadin Framework related presentations.

We’ve thus gathered the most important presentations by and about Vaadin in this blogpost for your convenience:

  • Introduction to Vaadin

    If you’re new to Vaadin or would like to introduce your colleague or friend to Vaadin, this should be your video of choice.

  • Improving the HTML Table (i.e. the Grid with HTML, Vaadin and GWT APIs)

    The Grid component took a lot of engineering work to get done but how did we do it in practice and what are the APIs for Vaadin Framework, GWT and JavaScript developers like?

  • Automated testing of web apps

    We all know we should be testing our apps more, but how? And how can I use BDD with Vaadin Testbench?

  • Vaadin with Polymer, GWT and AngularJS

    There’s some pretty cool stuff cooking in around Vaadin Components as an enabler for Polymer and AngularJS. Check out the labs work we’ve been doing in secret!

  • Remote controlling a drone with Spring & Vaadin

    What would be a conference without flying drones and enterprise grade Spring architecture? This presentation is your introduction to Vaadin and Spring at the same time as you’ll get airborne.

  • Comparing GWT Transport Mechanisms

    There are multiple ways to communicate between the server and the browser of which Vaadin’s own Leif gives an introduction about. In the speech Leif compares standard GWT transportation mechanisms to the one used in Vaadin Framework and explains how they differ.

  • Functional and Reactive UIs with Vaadin

    Functional and reactive programming are a new way to think about WHAT to solve instead of telling the computer HOW to solve it. In the example we’ll look at Scala and Vaadin in how to build functional and reactive UIs with Vaadin.

  • Vaadin Designer

    A visual editor almost literally turns on the light in your project. For the first time you’ll see what you’re doing. But creating a usable WYSIWYG is not easy and Vaadin’s Marc goes through an early preview of the new Vaadin Designer.

The Vaadin Certification is free for this week. After you’re done watching your choice of presentations, remember to sign up today and show what you know!

Check out the Vaadin YouTube channel

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