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Tatu Lund
Tatu Lund
On Oct 17, 2016 10:00:00 AM

A typical day at Vaadin Support: tell us your problem, we give you the solution. We help with a huge variety of issues. Every customer has their specific circumstances which creates a challenge to our support heroes daily. However, we did solve a few generic problems recently and I’d like to share these with you. Maybe you’ve been struggling with these topics, too. 

Setting a 24 hr time format for PopupDateField

A customer had an issue that they had tried to solve by themselves without success. They were wondering how to set 24 hr time format for the PopupDateField irrespective of the current locale. The answer was straightforward, but to get to the solution, our expert needed to dig some source code of Vaadin Framework. Here’s how you do it. 

You need to override UI.getLocaleService() to return a custom version of LocalService where createLocaleData is overridden. Here you can set the 24 hr format on and off. 

protected LocaleData createLocaleData(Locale locale) {
    LocaleData createLocaleData = super.createLocaleData(locale);
    createLocaleData.twelveHourClock = false;
    return createLocaleData;

Drag’n drop in Table doesn’t behave as expected

One of our customers needed a better drag’n drop behavior for the Table component. As it happens, Table doesn’t scroll its contents properly when reordering rows by drag’n drop. Like, moving a row to the top of a long list. The customer sponsored a few hours of development time and now it’s available as an Add-on named DNDScroll. Later our support team member implemented the same functionality for the Panel component too, as a Community effort. These enhancements are now available for everyone. If this is something you need for Table or Panel, go ahead and download the DNDScroll Add-on from Vaadin Directory

File upload requirements

Our support expert got the task to enhance and customise the upload component. The EasyUploads add-on was a good basis, but lacked some of the desired features. We delivered customer specific functionality for look’n feel, document previews and localisation but also introduced enhancements that are available for everyone. Now the EasyUploads Add-on offers configuration options for limited MIME types and a maximum number of files to be uploaded. If this is what you need, please go and download the EasyUploads Add-on from Vaadin Directory

We are here to help anyone with a Vaadin related problem, big or small. If you aren’t sure if this is something for you, check out the how support saves you money below. 

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Tatu Lund
Tatu Lund
Tatu Lund has a long experience as product manager in different industries. Now he is head of the team delivering Vaadin support and training services. You can follow him on Twitter - @ TatuLund
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