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Tanja Repo
On Sep 9, 2015 9:00:00 PM

Vaadin Success stories now encompasses some 120 different stories, with videos, screenshots and descriptions of different applications that are created with Vaadin. We’ve always wanted to tell real, relevant stories instead of just showing a cloud of logos - and will continue on this path. We’re thus happy to announce a new website to showcase these success stories.

At the same time we’re also happy to announce CUBA platform as the latest addition to the success stories family. CUBA platform, created by Haulmont, is an interesting cocktail of technologies with Vaadin as a main ingredient in the mix.

CUBA is the central idea of the company and the basis of all our solutions since 2009 - so it is thrilling to start receiving first feedback from the international Java developers community.” says Andrey Glaschenko from Haulmont.


CUBA Platform is a high level full stack Java framework for enterprise software development. “High level” meaning that you don’t have to fiddle with diverse technologies to make them work together in your project - in other words, you just plug in the components you need, implement your business logic and it works.

tech cocktail

Thanks to Vaadin, all you need is Java SE, XML and JPQL - which makes your application code more uniform and easier to maintain. This also reduces requirements to your development team - you don’t really need a subteam of Web developers or Java EE gurus.

CUBA Studio enables WYSIWYG screen layout design, helps to create a data model and generate standard screens for it, generates DB update scripts, creates and configures your project and build files and automates a variety of other routine work.

And to boost developer performance even further, CUBA supports automatic hot deploy for all your code (currently excepting the data model), similarly to JRebel. So for instance, if you changed a screen or a method, you don’t need to restart the server anymore.

Haulmont originally selected Vaadin already years ago and Andrey lists the following reasons to their choice:

  • a massive choice of components
  • vibrant community and Apache 2.0 license
  • very efficient pure Java and server-side only development
  • natural security as there is no application code in the browser.

To be honest, same as when we started years ago, I do not see any better alternative. So keep on rockin’ Vaadin!” Andrey concludes. Check out more success stories like Haulmont’s at Vaadin Success Stories.

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