Vaadin Spreadsheet Webinar Wrap-Up

Jonatan Kronqvist
On May 26, 2015 4:30:00 AM

I hope you enjoyed our webinar about the Vaadin Spreadsheet. You can find all the source code and examples we showed during the session here.

You'll find the two following projects:

  • SpreadsheetDemo is the first example holding an empty spreadsheet - a minimalistic project sample.
  • spreadsheet-demo-repo is based on our speadsheet demo app in but holds all the example Excel files and has a simplified structure. 

Thank you for joining us and have fun with Vaadin Speadsheet! 


Jonatan Kronqvist
Jonatan Kronqvist has been at Vaadin since 2006, where he's worked on almost all aspects of the business. From coding to leadership. He is currently working as a Senior Product Manager for the Vaadin platform.
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