Vaadin snippets and extended code recommendations in Eclipse

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Oct 24, 2013 11:26:00 AM

Our friends over at Codetrails looked into Vaadin and started thinking – how could we make it easier for starting Vaadin developers to learn Vaadin without needing to leave Eclipse for the online documentation?

Codetrails’ Eclipse Code Recommenders and Snipmatch let you as a developer see what API calls are most used by other developers and suggest code snippets used in other projects.

We tried this at Vaadin and were positively surprised with how well the recommendations helped even an experienced Vaadin expert to do his job. You get an instant overview of the most used methods and snippets and can code at the speed of thought.

Code completion

The nice folks at Codetrails also bundled all of this into its own easy-to-install Eclipse plugin “Codetrails Vaadin Support” - so all you have to do is install this plugin and you’re ready to go.

Head over to Codetrails’ blog for installation instructions and how to get started.

Fredrik Rönnlund
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