Vaadin Framework 8.3 coming up

Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen
On Jan 12, 2018 1:30:00 PM

The first beta release of Vaadin 8.3 is out. As we are now getting into the “release train mode,” this comes quite soon after the recent 8.2 version. Along with all the latest bug fixes, there is also a bunch of nice features that made it to this milestone.

  • Easier styling of certain components:
    • DateField components support setting custom style names for individual dates.
    • RadioButtonGroup and CheckBoxGroup have a style name selected on selected items.
  • Grid Column now has a method to control whether Grid should handle events propagated from Components. This way for example selection or drag and drop can happen on a column that contains components.
  • MenuBar supports different content modes for tooltips in MenuItems, allowing for example use of HTML formatting.
  • Binder.setReadOnly method to disallow editing of all bound fields.

More goodies in CDI and Spring integration libraries

The more interesting stuff of this release comes with the Vaadin CDI 3.0 and Vaadin Spring 3.0, which are released along with the Framework 8.3.

Both integration libraries now support HTML5 History capable Navigator implementation, which was released for the core in 8.1. This means that most Vaadin applications out there can finally say farewell to the old school hashbang style (https://your.domain/#!your/view/and/parameter) deep linking URLs. You’ll still need to enable this feature though. You probably want to support the old URLs as well for a while, so we prepared an example how to do that.

Vaadin CDI 3.0 also contains significant refactoring and enhancements. The Navigator now supports similar autoconfiguration, that was introduced earlier in the Spring integration, a new scope called VaadinSessionScope, improved clustering support and a proper view context lifecycle management. Special thanks about these enhancements goes to active community member Tamás Kimmel.

Help us by trying it out and report issues

As usual, enable pre-release repository, if you want to try 8.3 in your current project or create a fresh 8.3 projects for testing. If you find any issue, please report them soon we’d want to stick to the planned release date of last Wednesday of the first month of each quarter, which this time means already 25th of January.

Try Vaadin 8.3

Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen has a long history in Vaadin R&D: developing the core framework from the dark ages of pure JS client side to the GWT era and creating number of official and unofficial Vaadin add-ons. His current responsibility is to keep you up to date with latest and greatest Vaadin related technologies. You can follow him on Twitter – @MattiTahvonen
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