Vaadin Designer 1.0 has arrived

Marc Englund
Marc Englund
On Oct 24, 2015 9:00:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce the release of Vaadin Designer 1.0 after 6 months of intensive beta testing. Vaadin Designer is available for all developers, to be installed from Eclipse Marketplace today.

Vaadin Designer is a tool that lets you edit and know exactly how your UI is looking every step of the way. By cutting away the design-develop-deploy cycle and showing what you're doing while doing it, Vaadin Designer drives down your development time in half. Productivity-wise this is the next best thing since Vaadin Framework itself.

The Era of Visual UI Development

Building UIs is visual work, and probably the most time consuming thing about it is going back and forth between your code and your browser. No more. With Vaadin Designer you can do everything visually. You can simply drag and drop your components into place, adjust your layouts inside your UI and check how they behave in different sizes and even on different devices, do live theming and more. Instant feedback is the key which greatly speeds up your development.

Vaadin Designer also comes with another powerful feature: external preview. With the external preview, you can open a live view of your design on any device or browser while you work. Now you can see how your UI behaves on the actual device you need to support throughout the whole development. You can even do collaborative design and share your UI with your colleagues and customers while prototyping and building your app.

By Developers For Developers

Everything you create is fully accessible from Java, so rest assured, Java is always near. You can access any component in your design directly from your Java code and bring your UIs to life the same way you have before. Vaadin Designer enables static typing, meaning you’ll get compile time error indicators if you remove something from your design that your Java code was relying on. Your designs and your Java code will always be in-sync.

See also our press release at PRWeb.

Marc Englund
Marc Englund
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