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Vaadin at the University wrap-up

Miki Olszewski
On Dec 10, 2013 10:51:00 AM

The year is (almost) over and so is this year’s Vaadin at the University video series, available at our official YouTube channel. I hope you have enjoyed watching them and improved your knowledge about Vaadin. In case you missed some of the videos or you want to watch them again, here are the topics that were covered:

The videos were recorded during the first edition of the course at the University of Turku (Finland), held during winter and spring 2013. The course will be held again in 2014, starting in about a month. Vaadin has changed during this year and certainly not every topic has been covered in the videos. Now you have a chance to influence the contents of the course - please let me know (in the comments below) what topics you would like to see explained. Naturally, I cannot promise I will fit all of your ideas into the course, but I will try to do so at least with the most demanded and popular ones. The videos would then appear at our official YouTube channel during the summer of 2014.

If you work at a university or other educational institution and would like to organise a Vaadin course - go ahead and contact me for lecture material and extras. Together with the whole Vaadin team we will make your course outstanding.

Miki Olszewski
Miki is a Vaadin Expert, slightly obsessed with delivering good quality solutions. While he is not coding, he enjoys doing way too many things to list them all here.
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