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Miki Olszewski
On Aug 30, 2013 6:42:00 AM

Vaadin HQ is located in Turku, Finland, a city with a long university tradition. Furthermore, our premises are just a few minutes away from the ICT House, a building that is a home to the IT departments of the two universities in Turku. Finally, the Department of Information Technology of the University of Turku has developed a highly popular e-learning platform, ViLLE, using the open-source Vaadin framework.

With a situation like this, it felt natural for us to share our knowledge with the students. The beginning of the year 2013 saw the course “Web-Application Development with Vaadin”, organised by the University of Turku and lead by our in-house lecturer, Miki. The course was an immediate success - more than 50 students participated in each of the 14 lectures and, to pass the course, delivered a number of amazing web applications and a few add-ons to the Vaadin Directory (e.g. password component).

The course ended early in May, but our story continues. With the beginning of the new academic year we are inviting you to join the courses online. Starting from today we will publish a new lecture video on our official Vaadin YouTube channel every two weeks . We will cover the most important topics you need to get started with Vaadin and web-application development: from how to configure Eclipse (the initial lecture), through the basic principles of UI and UX design (lecture by our expert, Rolf Smeds), to the details of client-side development and the structure of Vaadin’s data model. The lectures are from 15 to 45 minutes long and are, in general, very detailed - as university lectures should be. And there is even more - the lecture slides will be available with each video as well (the slides for this week's video are already available). The slides and videos are available under liberal Creative Commons licence, so you are free to distribute and modify them, as long as you credit the original authors and do not get any profit from presenting them.

Remember to subscribe to our Vaadin Official Youtube Channel to receive the notifications of new video uploads! We hope you enjoy the video series.

Miki Olszewski
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