Vaadin at events - meet us at an event close to you

Tanja Repo
On Feb 10, 2015 9:41:00 AM

GWT.create 2015 was great - biggest GWT and Vaadin related event of the year and organized by Vaadin. We had over 650 participants in Mountain View in California and Munich, Germany with lots of discussions about the future of Vaadin, some sneak peeks into our Labs projects and many sleepless nights. See the videos and presentations at the event page.

But our event calendar doesn’t stop there. Find an event close to you and come hang out with the core Vaadin team. The beginning of the year is quite US centric but there’s lots of events in our calendar already today.

Events coming up next:

Come and see our latest demo, get your own free copy of the Book of Vaadin.

Hope to see you soon!

Tanja Repo
Tanja Repo is Vaadin's Marketing Magician which means her responsibilities are marketing communication and its coordination in all its glory. Tanja has vast experience around events and has worked with various software industry players. Technology has always been a mystery to her, that she wants to unveil. Loves to laugh, smile and drive around with her Vespa. You can follow her on Twitter – @RenjaTapo
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