Vaadin Add-ons Now Available With Maven

Teemu Pöntelin
On Aug 27, 2010 1:32:00 PM

Today we rolled out a new version of the Vaadin Directory. This update is mostly about fulfilling a common feature request we have heard from the community, downloading add-ons via Maven repository. We have setup our own Maven repository for Vaadin Add-ons and already deployed existing add-ons there with the exception of some add-ons that wouldn't make sense to use via Maven (tools etc). All future add-ons (and new versions of existing add-ons) will automatically be also available via the Maven repository.

How to use this new feature? It's simple, in the Directory we now have a Maven POM button right under the download button for each add-on that is available via Maven. By clicking this button you will be shown all the needed information (<repository> and <dependency>) for you to copy-paste into the pom.xml file of your Maven project. More defailed instructions here.


We would be happy to hear any feedback from you about this new feature. There might still be some rough edges and together we can smooth them out. Please post your comments, bug reports, ideas or any other feedback into this forum thread or use the feedback link on the Directory menu.

Teemu Pöntelin
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