Vaadin Add-on Compo Update - Winner of May and Updated Add-on Instructions

Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
On Jun 9, 2010 7:22:00 AM

The second month of Vaadin Add-on competition was a surprising one. First it seemed that the same names occupied the top 5 list as a month before, but after a few web development blogs noticed the tool the winner of May was clear: Marc Englund with Chrometric.

Chrometric is a tool for Vaadin developers (and eventually for all web developers) to check how your web application works for people with color blindness. Learn more about the tool at

Here is also a short video of Marc describing the features and background of Chrometric:

Updated Instructions for Add-on Users

Based on feedback we have now updated the instructions for developers using Vaadin Add-ons as well as the instructions for add-on authors to publish their stuff at the Vaadin Directory.

Eclipse users have always been a bit more privileged, but now also developers using NetBeans or Maven can now more easily include Vaadin Add-ons into their projects.

Creating Add-ons is Easier Than You think

Also creating add-ons is easier than you might think. The thing is that you might already have a component/widget/tool that might be the add-on everyone is missing.

As you might already know, add-ons are normal jar or zip archives that you can just upload to the Vaadin Directory. The hardest part might be to finding a nice name for it you can live with when it comes more popular than you anticipated. Otherwise, just follow the instructions here.

So, stop wondering and start publishing!

Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad is one of the original members of the Vaadin team. As a DX lead he is now working as a developer advocate, to help people the most out of Vaadin tools. You can find many add-ons and code samples to help you get started with Vaadin. Follow at – @samiekblad
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