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UX tips videos, part one

Ville Ingman
On Dec 17, 2015 6:00:00 AM

User Experience can be a win or lose factor for your web app. Even if you develop the greatest features, but without great UX, your app might crash and burn. So what is good UX and how can you achieve it? Surprisingly, quite often it is the little things that make it or break it. For this reason, Vaadin’s very own UX Master Chief Hannu Salonen decided to step up and give a helping hand in the form of short and to-the-point UX tips videos.


These little buggers are important. They are typically something that switch the user flow to the next phase. The next step. So pay attention to buttons. See what Hannu has to say about these.


Making choices. This is something you put your user go through all the time. Pay attention now, you could make your app hideous to use without proper component selection. See Hannu’s thoughts on these and choose wisely.

I hope you enjoyed the first two UX tips videos, as we are already working on new video tips. This being said, if you have something specific you’d like Hannu to address, go ahead and give a comment below. Thanks and happy coding!

Ville Ingman
Ville Ingman is one of the old boys in the Vaadin team. A true Vaadiner for over 10 years already. Sharing thoughts and interesting phenomenons from the Vaadin ecosystem. Stay tuned.
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