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Two days in Vaadin Training

Tanja Repo
On Sep 25, 2012 6:13:00 AM

Did you know that Vaadin trainings are open to anyone? Only basic Java skills are required. The 2 days' session goes through Vaadin application development and all the necessary aspects of the server-side framework from using UI components and managing layouts to customizing application themes. Vaadin Fundamentals includes a comprehensive overview of Vaadin framework.

This time Vaadin Fundamentals took place in World Trade Center Helsinki, on the 11th and 12th September 2012. The training was mastered by Vaadin's specialist Johannes Häyry. We went to see what the trainings is all about.

Frances Danilewicz works as a developer for Tieto Finland Oy at the Espoo office. She is currently working on a project to develop a tool for end-users to create, manage and publish web forms. Frances joined the Vaadin Fundamentals training because the project team is looking for the right kind of tools for building the application. One of the team members have previously been on the Vaadin Fundamentals course, and suggested Vaadin. Frances did not at that time know anything about Vaadin, so she started to read up on it on Vaadin's web site. "As we work using agile methodology, at the next daily scrum I suggested that others also registered to the course and so it ended up that three of us attended the course together."

Johannes has been teaching the Vaadin Fundamentals now for a quite a while. "Fundamentals will teach the main points of what a novice coder needs to know. It provides a good base to become an expert in Vaadin." Johannes was pleased that the participants were clearly excited to learn new things. It will facilitate the training situation. "Time to time it is also fun to focus on certain themes regarding the participants' interest, even though the course follows a certain agenda" Johannes says.

Frances agreed that having basic Java skills is a good pre-requisite for Vaadin Fundamentals; "Without a Java background it could be little hard to follow the course examples. Using a tool that is based on Java, there is a familiarity which gives me comfort to be here in this course."

"We have just scratched the surface," Frances pondered. "For instance, I found out about TestBench that I did not even know existed! It is a comprehensive tool that we can work with. It is good that during the training Johannes can support us with his expertise. There is lot more that we haven't covered yet. However, we have achieved a good base for the framework. I would love to continue to the Vaadin Advanced course."

Interested in Vaadin Trainings?

All the upcoming trainings can be found at Vaadin Training and they are arranged all around the world. There are still some open spots in the autumn trainings , for example in Geneva Switzerland. So take a look and enroll - now!

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