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Alejandro Duarte
Alejandro Duarte
On Sep 12, 2019 6:00:00 AM
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I'm glad to announce that the new edition of the Book of Vaadin is now available and you can download it for free now at

Hard Copy and E-book

This new edition of the book features Vaadin 14. There are two versions of the book – a hard copy version for carrying it around and ease offline focused reading; and a PDF version for a more up-to-date and flexible reference that you can use in any mobile device or alongside your IDE while coding. We are still in the process of deciding how to make the hard copy version available for purchase. Meanwhile, you can grab a copy at Code One or some of the upcoming events if you are planning to attend any of these.

Book of Vaadin


The hard copy version of the book starts with an introduction to the framework with explanations on how to get started and the basic concepts behind Vaadin. It then jumps into more specialized topics covering the most important UI components, how to do data binding, and how to implement routing and navigation. There are dedicated chapters on topics such as theming and styles, Spring integration, CDI (Jakarta EE) integration, and Progressive Web Applications (PWA), as well.

The free PDF version includes everything in the hard copy version plus more advanced topics. Most of the content is an adaptation of the content in the official documentation site. Here's an outline of the chapters included in the PDF version of the book:

  1. Introduction

  2. Developing Vaadin Applications

  3. Understanding Vaadin

  4. Using Vaadin Components

  5. Grid

  6. Binding Data to Components

  7. Routing and Navigation

  8. Browser Features and Events

  9. Embedding Vaadin Applications

  10. Theming and Styling applications

  11. Spring Integration

  12. CDI Integration

  13. Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

  14. Manipulating DOM with Element API

  15. Creating Components

  16. Integrating Web Components

  17. Packaging for Production

  18. OSGi Support

  19. Migrating from Vaadin 8 to Vaadin 10

  20. Migrating from Vaadin 10-13 to Vaadin 14

  21. Vaadin Designer

  22. Vaadin Charts

  23. Vaadin Testbench

  24. Vaadin Multiplatform Runtime

  25. Advanced Topics


While we do our best to keep the material complete, up-to-date, and accurate, there's always a chance of making mistakes. If you find any mistakes in the book or the documentation site, please let us know. You are more than welcome to contribute back to the Vaadin Community by reporting issues and sending pull requests to fix typos, code, or any other mistake in the content.

Download Book of Vaadin 14

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Alejandro Duarte
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