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Teaser - The Future of GWT Report

David Booth
On Oct 2, 2012 6:58:00 PM


Over the last week and a half, we have been gathering data on over 40 questions relating to GWT, the community, and the future of the technology.  Did you know that...
  • GWT is used more for tablets than mobile?
  • And over 12% of users are using GWT 2.3 or earlier?
  • And other interesting usage data like this?
While we have over 1000 responses already - we'd like to ensure that we get the most complete data possible.  Can you weigh in and answer questions like the following?
Q12. In school, I was always good at tests... For your application, how are you testing the UI?
Q18. Third Party Extensions / widgets: In which area do you use external extensions for your applications? (choose all that apply)
Q21. If you were going to start a new project that had a UI component, would you include GWT in it?
Share your experiences with the community, share the link with friends... And stay tuned for the upcoming release of the full report!