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Participate in the Vaadin TouchKit 4 study

Marc Englund
Marc Englund
On Dec 17, 2013 10:44:00 AM

Would you like to learn a little about Vaadin TouchKit and help out at the same time? Of course you would!

Then please see if you can find some time to participate in this assignment + survey that we’re running:

We have already collected a fair amount of developer feedback on TouchKit 4 APIs, but we would still like to involve even more developers.

You’ll implement a small mobile UI according to wireframes, then give feedback while the experience is still fresh in your mind. And for once, running into problems and getting annoyed is actually not such a bad thing - you get to give feedback straight to the people responsible, and they will listen.

This is one method we’re using to ensure we’re working on the right things, improving the stuff that matters to developers. We’re calling this aspect “Developer UX”, and we really hope you’ll help us improve it – we’re looking forward to your insights!

Thank you in advance!

Marc Englund
Marc Englund
Marc is a a long time Vaadineer, carrying a Design Strategist card in his left jeans pocket. Lately he has mostly been thinking about the new #FFS, and other ways to make the developers’ day more enjoyable.
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