Non-commercial Licenses for Pro Tools

Ville Ingman
On May 5, 2015 7:00:00 AM

One thing we have been asked for a lot is to have free licenses for non-commercial purposes when it comes to our great Pro Tools products. We heard you, and now we are more than happy to announce this new option. Available right now.

What does this mean?

We will grant one Pro Tools subscription for one year for free upon request when your organization fulfills the requirements. The guidelines are:

  • You are an organization, institution or an organized group. For example, individual students should ask their professor to perform the request.
  • Your organization is using Vaadin Pro Tools for educational purposes or your organization can be described as non-profit, like in Wikipedia.

We hold the rights to judge whether you fulfill the requirements or not. For example, hobby clubs are OK but governmental institutions doing internal software are not. 

How do I apply?

The web site will always have the latest instructions of how to do this, and at the time of writing this, means sending an email to In this email please describe the following:

  • The organization you represent and a valid email address given by this organization
  • The purpose, the project, the need for a non-commercial license. 

That is all you need to do.

We are happy and excited to offer this new licensing option for our community. For you. If this touches you, just go for it and send your request today. Enjoy. 


Ville Ingman
Ville Ingman is one of the old boys in the Vaadin team. A true Vaadiner for over 10 years already. Sharing thoughts and interesting phenomenons from the Vaadin ecosystem. Stay tuned.
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