New Book - Vaadin Recipes

Henrik Paul
On Aug 21, 2012 10:16:00 AM

We have another full-fledged book about Vaadin in the wild. Unsuspectedly, it arrived to us a few days ago, and naturally we took a peek at it.

Vaadin Recipes, by Casey Taylor, is a brand spanking new book, written for Vaadin 6.8. The book is written in problem/solution pairs, and there's over 200 of them.

The book seems to be good for anyone who is starting up with Vaadin development and is still learning the ropes. It's not a book intended to be read cover-to-cover, but rather more as a reference book. Although, the first few chapters are good to read through, just to learn how Vaadin is set up and how it works.

Vaadin Recipes begins with topics concerning setting up a Vaadin application, and transitions into day-to-day usage of various aspects of Vaadin. You'll find topics explaining the very basics of using components and layouts, but more advanced topics are also found, like adding <meta> tags to the XHTML page returned by Vaadin, or loading external javascript libraries when a user starts the Application.

Vaadin Recipes is available at (also on and .de)

Henrik Paul
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