Master the basics of Vaadin 10 Platform

Ömer Tumer
On Jul 3, 2018 10:28:00 AM

Simplifying web application development has always been a priority for Vaadin, as epitomized by our “Fight for simplicity” motto. With the introduction of Vaadin 10, we offer a platform that you will continue to benefit from as you have used to since the early days of Vaadin. To make it easier for all developers who are curious about benefits Vaadin ten brings to the table, we have prepared a free Vaadin 10 Introduction course.

Who is it for?

Notwithstanding your level of acquaintance with Vaadin 10, this series of curated training videos followed by step by step exercise walkthroughs will allow you to take your first steps into building business grade web apps. Moreover, you will be able to download the handouts with detailed instructions, exercise files, and solutions.

What will I learn?

In this course, Vaadin Developer Advocate and experienced instructor Amahdy will take you through the basics of Vaadin 10 platform and what it offers for server-side Java developers and front-end developers, Components API, Polymer and different types of applications you can create with Vaadin.

Topics that are covered include

  • Web components
  • Vaadin V10 Platform Flow
  • Intro to Component APIs
  • Built-in Vaadin Components
  • Creating Custom Components
  • Server-side composition by extending an existing component
  • Server-side composition by extending Component and using @Tag
  • Custom client-side components

Moreover you will also get introduced to:

  • Vaadin Core Components
  • What is Polymer?
  • Web Components in Practice and their advantages
  • Learn about Polymer Templates and their usage
  • Do not forget to download the ZIP file that includes handouts, exercises and their solutions. After going through the exercises, you cann watch the detailed exercise walkthroughs on the same page.

What's next

Once you cover the basics of Vaadin 10, you should be ready to go experiment with your own Vaadin 10 application or develop on top of the Vaadin Bakery App Starter

Vaadin 10 introduction training is a restructured and prerecorded version of the “Vaadin 10: Intro” course that all Vaadin Prime customers have access as a live session during which they can ask their questions to expert instructors and have real-time answers.

Past the basics, you might as well be interested in having a more profound take on the Vaadin platform through the extensive training program we provide for Vaadin Pro+Training and Prime customers.

Learn the basics of Vaadin 10 Platform

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