Masaaki Tsugami on developing a collaborative tool for Instagram contests

Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
On Apr 11, 2023 2:19:39 PM

In January 2023, we hosted a Collaboration Kit challenge for the Vaadin community. The goal was to use the Collaboration Kit to design or build a web application with real-time user collaboration. In this blog post series, we take a closer look at the winning applications!

Introducing Masaaki Tsugami! Masaaki is the founder and developer of Bz-Collegio Corporation in Kyushu, Japan, and has also been appointed as the Director of Information at Nishinippon Institute of Technology. He was recently awarded third place in the Developer category of the Vaadin Collaboration Kit challenge. Congratulations to Masaaki!

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Meet all of the Collaboration Kit challenge winners. 

Please talk us through the collaborative app you built for the challenge.

For this Collaboration Kit Challenge, we created an app, Hashrize, to help us choose Instagram photos. In recent years, it has become more common for local communities to operate SNSs to reaffirm the goodness of the community.

A typical operation method is to have local photos attached with specific hashtags, selected, and reposted. Hashrize was created with the idea that it would be fun to have community members participate in the process of selecting these photos.

Check Hashrize on GitHub.

How was your experience using the Vaadin Collaboration Kit?

When using the Vaadin Collaboration Kit, I felt it has a mass of possibilities. I used a low-level API this time and felt I could do anything depending on my ideas.

If you could do the challenge again, what would you change in your application?

To effectively run an SNS in a small-budget community with creative ideas, having powerful applications is necessary. The current Hashrize application has not yet reached that level. We want to improve the application to support the community realistically, but I might come up with a completely different idea.

Do you plan on implementing other Collaboration Kit use cases or features?

Hashrize was a private endeavor, but I also have many web applications in my business, all of which rely on Vaadin. The Collaboration Kit has inspired me a lot. I am confident that it will be used in future proposals.

How do you see the future of collaborative apps evolving?

More and more people are moving not for money, but for feelings. I think the question is whether collaboration apps can bring together such strengths.

Congratulations, Masaaki, for your placement in the challenge! And thank you for participating.

Learn more about Vaadin Collaboration Kit -->

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