Managing accounting quicker and easier with Pymlo

Paul Römer
Paul Römer
On Jul 16, 2020 6:05:00 PM

Managing accounting quicker and easier

Pymlo Cloud Accounting is an accounting platform that is built on top of Vaadin Flow. Pymlo is the first accounting software in Southeast Asia to comply with the taxation and regulations in multiple countries in Southeast Asia, such as Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.


In these countries, the application allows international transactions with multiple currencies and major Asian languages, such as English, Chinese, and Thai, and facilitates businesses while keeping your accounting data connected to another software of your choice.


Pymlo provides a platform for SME's (small and medium size businesses) to conduct business operations, as well as automates all commercial data into accounting results, analytic charts, etc. The platform is mainly aimed at the South-East Asian market since the commercial environment is quite different from the Western world. Pymlo creates automatic accounting results for businesses while saving time and costs for them to do better decisions both financially and commercially.

Technology Description

The Pymlo application was written with Vaadin Flow. The team benefited from two things when working with Vaadin: security and UI. As a financial solution, Pymlo developers focused on data security heavily, and Vaadin's compatibility with the Shiro and Spring Security framework gave them a hand regarding the security of the application users' connections.


With Vaadin Charts and Vaadin Designer, it was easy to create a beautiful product for the end users, and since the commonly used systems have bad and clumsy UIs, Pymlo wanted to create a beautiful, good-looking, and usable user interface for the accounting segment.

It was a truly wise choice that we adopted Vaadin. Building a beautiful product is no longer a nightmare for programmers. Doing everything in Java also saves us a lot of time and we can take good care of both front-end and back-end in the meantime.

- Kaniz (Ping-Hsien) Lin, CEO & Founder


Pymlo got first introduced to Vaadin through its vast network in the IT industry. Coming from GWT, they have appreciated the easy development of a user-friendly and well-designed UI with Vaadin Flow. By not having the need to re-design everything, they have been able to focus especially on the business logic and security development, which brings the true value of the Pymlo Accounting platform.