Make Your Day! challenge wrap-up

Ville Ingman
On Apr 15, 2015 7:00:00 AM

It's a wrap!

The Make Your Day! online challenge has ended and it was absolutely amazing. Fun to organize and fun to see what was happening in the community. Let me share some details that I think are really cool:

  • We got 143 people signing up for the challenge 
  • We got people taking part from 55 different countries (so cool)
  • We got a staggering feedback score of 4.3 out of 5.0 when we asked about overall feelings about the challenge (5.0 being totally awesome, of course, and 42 responses came in)

We also asked about how people felt about the prizes, our way of organizing this and the categories and the feedback scores were 4.0 or above. The ONLY score that was under 4.0 came out when asked if 30 days was enough. There was indeed a lot of comments that people had big ideas but too little time. Busy at the office, office work and deadlines were commonly mentioned. This makes me even more grateful and I wish to warmly thank everyone that were able to find some time for our challenge after office hours. A big applause to you, you've earned it!

Winners oh winners. We got the top three submissions from Europe this time. Winners are:

  1. "Customer Expressions" by Marko Mitic, Dragan Krstic, Nemanja Kostic and Marija Latifovic from Serbia. The AR Drone was their choosing. 
  2. "Blood donation dashboard" by Ángel Martínez-Cavero from Spain. The 3D printer is heading to his direction. 
  3. "TreeDB for collecting measured data" by Peter Sauer, Franciszek Bartnik, Sefan Meier and Maja Bonczysta from Austria. Oculus Rift will be their new favorite toy. 

Congratulations to all winners and runner ups. This was a great ride and hope to do something similar again in the future. Also check out the updated challenge page where winners are announced as well. See you next time. 

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