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Unleashing Vaadiners' potential

Ronja Toivoniemi
Ronja Toivoniemi
On Sep 14, 2023 4:57:39 PM
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Discover the unique culture, career growth opportunities, and the people who make Vaadin a great place to work in this new series.

"We offer excellent career and growth opportunities'' – This sounds like a compelling quote from a job description, doesn't it? Many individuals seek growth in their careers, but how do companies genuinely foster such opportunities and inspire continuous learning? Allow us to share our perspective on personal and professional growth at Vaadin.

The essence of Vaadin’s learning culture

While attending workshops and courses is a positive step, our goal is to cultivate a culture of learning that continually integrates new ideas with existing knowledge.

At Vaadin, we understand that growth is an ongoing journey with ups and downs, requiring dedication from both our employees and the organization. Our aim is to nurture a learning culture rooted in our values, supporting continuous personal and professional development.

So, how can we make this happen?

Core values: The cornerstones of Vaadin

Trust forms the foundation of our culture, deeply woven into our core values. We are committed to cultivating a working culture where individuals are encouraged to be themselves, fostering inclusivity, trust, and empowerment to explore new ideas.

At Vaadin, we encourage the practice of questioning expertise and challenging assumptions, recognizing that mistakes are an integral part of the learning journey.

For us, trust also means providing employees with flexibility in when and where to work, promoting a harmonious work-life balance. This flexibility not only fuels creativity and motivation but also reinforces our ongoing dedication to valuing each employee as a unique individual.

Supporting your journey

Introducing values is a good start, but achieving your aspirations can be challenging when you're unsure about your goals and inspirations. It requires self-awareness, clear learning objectives, and the ability to express them.

Therefore, open communication with your supervisor is essential. Speaking your thoughts aloud and knowing that someone is there to offer guidance and support is invaluable.

Our learning culture includes biannual performance reviews and optional development discussions, fostering personal growth responsibility. At Vaadin, we want to empower individuals to take charge of their professional journey with our unwavering support and steady flow of fresh learning opportunities.

Fueling your growth

Now, let's get practical. We believe that learning is a fusion of knowledge acquired from on-the-job experiences, meaningful tasks, interpersonal interactions, and educational events.

We allocate a yearly personal development budget for conferences, events, training, workshops, or self-learning to support our employees in unleashing their potential. Additionally, we provide the opportunity to invest in books or utilize various online learning platforms as needed.

Sharing knowledge, building the future

Our team comprises a wealth of experts, and we celebrate this by organizing weekly internal 'v-learn' sessions, where Vaadiners share their knowledge on topics they are passionate about. We believe in open-source principles, emphasizing diversity and participation. While we want to empower everyone to innovate and expand the use of Vaadin technology, we also allow our team members to allocate up to 10% of their work time for experimenting with new ideas and contributing to the Vaadin community. This helps us to acquire new skills and simultaneously support our users.

Our collective adventure

Our journey towards growth is a shared adventure. Together, we create an environment that nurtures both personal and professional development, where trust, inclusivity, and boundless creativity are essential.

At Vaadin, one of our greatest joys comes from seeing our team members thrive and strive to reach new heights. We aspire to build a future where individuals can reach their full potential, and we're here to make it happen together.

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Ronja Toivoniemi
Ronja Toivoniemi
Ronja is the Talent Acquisition Specialist at Vaadin. With a background in cross-cultural HR development, she is committed to creating a reciprocal candidate experience and fostering a work culture where everyone feels valued and included.
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