Jazoon'09 presentation, books and numbers

Henry Hagnäs
On Jun 25, 2009 10:22:00 AM

Jazoon'09 is on its last day and it has been a great event that generated alot of interesting discussion, about lots of different Java technologies. The nice with all these social technologies like twitter and blogs is that the discussion overflows the physical event into the Internet so everyone can attend virtually.

Joonas presenting at Jazoon
Joonas held his "RIA Security - Broken by Design" presentation to over 100 attendees on a big big screen. The presentation is abit technical so those who want to revisit it can find it here along with the PayMate demo he used. Go ahead and try the techniques mentioned in the slides on the PayMate-application! Obviously those who didn't attend can also have a look, its a good example on the differences between client side and server driven RIA.

Jazoon-attendees might've gotten the biggest kick out of meeting James Gosling himself but we hope you take a look at our book afterwards :). Those not attending need not worry, you can still find it online here or order it in paperback from here. We have in fact given away 2500 copies of it during Jazoon and JavaOne!

Speaking of numbers, this new Vaadin-brand that we announced a little over a month ago has had a very positive response on the Internet as well as at these conferences! We have had 11 000 unique visitors on the site and over a thousand downloads of Vaadin, so welcome new users and thanks for coming! 

ps. Do a quick twitter search and see all the interesting discussions that are going on about Vaadin!