IoT with Vaadin and Bluemix

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Feb 17, 2015 7:49:00 AM

A couple of weeks ago, we had the pleasure of hosting the traditional Vaadin Cruise to Jfokus in Stockholm, one of the largest Java events in the Nordics. This year Jfokus also had a separate IoT track to which the Vaadin Cruise worked as a warmup event.

Before the cruise we had two webinars and a hackathon together with the speakers on the cruise; IBM’s Holly Cummins, Codecentric’s Sven Ruppert and Zeroturnaround’s Simon Maple.

Besides having a hackathon with Sven and learning to write stable and scalable applications with Simon, IBM’s Holly Cummins and Vaadin’s Ville Ingman hosted a joint webinar about Vaadin and Bluemix as an IoT platform, building on Bluemix’s IoT services. If you’ve looked for ways to build and deploy your IoT weatherstation into the cloud, look for inspiration in the video below.

If you’ve been planning on building a UI for your own IoT project, there’s a great opportunity for that next month. We have an upcoming hackathon in March, building on Bluemix and Vaadin, where you’ll have the chance to win cool prizes. You’ll also have the chance to try out Watson’s APIs to do some proper data mining. More will be revealed shortly so sign up today.

Check out the online Hackathon

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