Introducing Vaadin's new service products for UX Design & Scalability

Ömer Tumer
On Jul 5, 2018 10:52:00 AM

At Vaadin we enable thousands of development teams around the world to write and deploy rich internet applications that provide great user interfaces.

We are aware that the balance between the user and developer experiences is a delicate one, and we have cared about it since the beginning. Two topics that seemed to come to the forefront of the discussions related to this balance have been scalability and UX.

The questions that we receive from our community and multiple teams that used our consulting services throughout the years can be classified into two broad categories.

  • We can create excellent looking GUIs with the extensive set of components Vaadin provides and our in-house experts handle the UX, but we have questions regarding the scalability of our Vaadin based app.
  • We feel in control of the availability and scalability of our Vaadin application, but we want to evaluate it from the user experience standpoint.

These are simplified versions of the questions that we receive and try to answer extensively through blog posts, webinars, and documentation.

However, there are as many questions and answers as there are different team structures, project requirements, and end-user expectations. This is when Vaadin consulting services proved to be the most efficient way to provide case-based solutions.

Our customers love the efficiency and concrete results that we provide through our consulting services so much so that, we decided to come up with solutions that tackle scalability and UX.

Today we release two new service products that have carefully scoped timelines and deliverables.

  • Vaadin Design Services
  • Scalability assessment

Vaadin Design Services

Who is it for?

  • Teams that do not have in-house UX/UI knowledge.
  • Teams that would like to benefit from experienced Vaadin UX consultants that know the best practices inside out.
  • Teams that would like their UX to be reviewed against the needs of their users, the competitive landscape, and market trends.
  • Teams that would like to drive down development time and costs.

What can you expect?

We believe in design-driven projects that consists of discovery, validation, project definition, and development phases and provide different deliverables for each of them. To learn more about the scope and deliverables of different UX consulting service products, check out our detailed brochure.

Download Book of Vaadin 14

Vaadin Design Services Presentation

Vaadin Scalability Assessment Presentation

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