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Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
On Dec 20, 2022 5:40:33 PM
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There are several situations where organizations may choose to stay on an older version of Vaadin Flow. In some cases, you may not have the resources to allocate to the upgrade, especially if your team has to go through a heavy internal verification process. Or, alternatively, you may prefer to stay on your current Vaadin Flow version (e.g. V13.x.x) to ensure stability whilst your team is in the process of building your application. 

For users of Vaadin 10 and later, we’re now making it easier for you to get the necessary security updates and bug fixes for your current version with a new Custom Builds service.

What are Custom Builds?

With Custom Builds you can now get a custom Vaadin-build tailored to your specific needs. Choose a version (Vaadin 10 or newer) and get a custom branch with backported security patches. You can add backported bug fixes or features to your custom build through the Warranty service or Expert on Demand hours. Custom Builds are now available for Prime and Enterprise/Ultimate customers for an additional charge.

Follow our releases on GitHub to have up-to-date information about recent bug fixes in mainstream versions that may be of interest.

What is the difference between Custom Builds and Extended Maintenance?

Currently, our Extended Maintenance offers security and browser compatibility fixes for applications on V7 and V8. For example, if you cannot upgrade from V8 to V14 just yet, then Extended Maintenance is the right choice for you.

Custom Builds, however, allow you to request specific bug fixes or features to be backported to a non-supported version of Vaadin Flow and released as a customer-specific build under a commercial Runtime License. For example, if you’re on V23.2, but not ready to upgrade to V23.3 because of the Spring Boot 2.7 requirement, then you can pick the fixes you need and we’ll deliver them to you. Custom Builds are also available for current versions that still have free support left, like V14.


How long can I use the Custom Build?

The license to use Custom Build is valid for the duration of your subscription and ends when the subscription terminates. Vaadin will maintain the Custom Build for the duration of your subscription.

What can I include in my Custom Build?

Your Custom Build will only include the items that you specify. This can include:

  • Security fixes
  • Backported bug fixes (fixed through the Warranty service included in your Prime, Enterprise, or Ultimate subscription).
  • Backported features (through Expert on Demand hours) 

How many applications does this apply to?

Custom Builds are not tied to a particular application. However, we will only maintain one code branch per Custom Builds service. You need to purchase two separate services if you require two different versions of Custom Builds.

How often will I get a new Custom Build?

You can request a new version of your custom build up to 10 times per year.

My application is on V8, can I still use Custom Builds?

Currently, Custom Builds are available for applications on Vaadin 10 or higher. We may extend availability for V7 and V8 if there is demand. If you’re on V7/V8, please don’t hesitate to contact us; we’re happy to help.

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Lilli Salo
Lilli Salo
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