IBM Vaadin Challenge winners

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Dec 8, 2015 5:30:00 AM

The Vaadin Challenge is over and we have our winners! It was a long journey with many assignments ranging from learning to use the basics of Vaadin to creating a Sign in screen with Vaadin Designer and from using Cloud Foundry to creating your own Watson-based-app using the Vaadin Bluemix Boilerplate.

But without further ado, the winners of Vaadin Challenge and thus the winners of an Apple Watch, an iPad and a GoPro camera are:

  1. Marco Collovati, 898 points
  2. Manolis Sfendilis, 892 points
  3. Iyad Nahas, 891 points


Applause and a standing ovation to all of you! The challenge consisted of 9 steps, each of which was scored from 0 to 100 points so the top-3 really made a great job! The final step in the challenge was to create something innovative, which at the top meant the following apps:


We had over 400 participants from 77 countries and over 50 of you made it to the final challenge. A huge turnover that far exceeded all our expectations!

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Fredrik Rönnlund
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