GWT.create starts next week

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Dec 3, 2013 1:10:00 PM

When we announced GWT.create earlier this year in May, we had no idea how much interest there would be for a GWT focused conference on two continents.

GWT.create 2013 conference We got over 100 high quality Calls For Presentations and ended up with over 60 presentations, workshops and keynotes from the most prominent figures in the GWT community – among others, members from the GWT Steering Committee. The interest for joining the conference in the community also took us by surprise – over 600 people so far have signed up for the first and largest GWT conference yet. GWT.create is a 2-day conference next Thursday and Friday in San Francisco, US and the week after that on Tuesday and Wednesday in Frankfurt, Germany.

It all starts next week and we’re pumped! 15 members from the Vaadin team will be at the event with you.

GWT.create 2013 will also serve as the launchpad for the GWT Survey conducted earlier this autumn. What is GWT used for? How are people doing GWT mobile and tablet development? What should be considered when planning for GWT 3.0? These and many more questions will be addressed next week at the conference and online.

As I’m writing this, we still have a few tickets left for the conference both in EU and the US, but they’re running out quickly, with last week alone seeing as many as 50 new sign ups.

Come see, meet and hear the Vaadin team and join the fun at

Fredrik Rönnlund
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