Greetings from Vaadin Dev Day

Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
On May 18, 2017 3:58:00 PM

Greetings from this spring’s Vaadin Dev Days! It was great fun to be a part of it again. We had a good full day of learning and a lot of inspiring discussions outside the official agenda. Typically it is the attendees who really make an event, and this time was no exception. The day was the best it could be because of you!

Topical Vaadin agenda

We want to keep the topics very practical and focus on day-to-day Vaadin development. It is important that you can apply your learning to your own work. A wide variety of topics from CI integration to CSS theming, dependency injection to Design thinking, and memory profiling to web components and sharing insight to different aspects of building good web UIs.

This time Dev Day was naturally following the Vaadin 8 release. And no wonder one of the most popular talks was about it. Here is Peter Lehto on Binding data to UI components in Vaadin 8:

When and where is the next Dev Day?

We are not going to stop here. The next Dev Day will be after summer, but the location is still undecided. Having visited New York, Berlin, Münich, Raleigh, and now Zürich and Chicago, we try to cover places all over the world. Now, it is your chance to decide where the next Dev Day will be held. Let us know:

Suggest a location for the next Vaadin Dev Day

See you there!
Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad
Sami Ekblad is one of the original members of the Vaadin team. As a DX lead he is now working as a developer advocate, to help people the most out of Vaadin tools. You can find many add-ons and code samples to help you get started with Vaadin. Follow at – @samiekblad
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