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Customer Sponsored Vaadin TreeGrid Released

Frederik Raulf
On Jan 23, 2017 8:00:00 AM

We are very pleased to announce the release of the Vaadin TreeGrid add-on, which is now freely available in Vaadin Directory. Similar to the TreeTable extension to Table, Vaadin TreeGrid allows users to edit and present hierarchical data sources in the Grid component.


The development of the add-on has been sponsored by our long-term customer Magnolia International Ltd., the company behind Magnolia CMS, an open-source Web Content Management System (CMS). Magnolia focuses on an intuitive user experience for enterprise-scale systems and thus a TreeGrid component was imperative for their users. Today this component is release to the entire Vaadin open source community.


Vaadin TreeGrid features:

  • Vaadin TreeGrid is an official Vaadin add-on and is fully maintained by our experts.

  • Supports custom renderers on hierarchy columns, can now be set programmatically.

  • Supports custom collapse logic as well as custom depth calculation logic.

  • Hierarchy indicators are fully configurable in CSS.

  • Supports Keyboard navigation (Alt/Option + Arrow keys).


Download the Vaadin TreeGrid add-on now

Frederik Raulf
Frederik is a member of Vaadin's Marketing Team, currently working as a Product Marketing Manager. After being in touch with Vaadin's community through his previous Sales position, he is now trying to help improving Vaadin's service offerings. Apart from the job he is passionate about exploring the Finnish nature with his dog, yoga and SUP boarding.
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