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Fredrik Rönnlund
On Mar 18, 2014 8:47:00 AM

Vaadin certification at the Vaadin office

Last week we celebrated 1 year of online Vaadin certification exams with free exams for the entire week.

We were following the score in real-time at the Vaadin office and were excited to see more and more people join in taking the exam, even as late as Sunday evening right before the time to take the free exam ran out.

All in all we had 645 people try the exam and 197 pass it successfully, giving us a success rate of 30%.

There are 5 people in particular we’d like to give a shout out to – for passing the exam exceptionally, well on par with a Vaadin Expert working at Vaadin. The top-5 outside Vaadin Ltd people are:


Name Score
Adam H 92%
David Becvarik 92%
Marita Klein 90%
Pavel Sulc 87%
Vítězslav Linke 85%



Congratulations to all 197 of you that passed the exam! The exam is not an easy one and requires good preparation, experience with Vaadin and Vaadin Trainings. In our mind the people that pass the exam are the best Vaadin experts in the world.

Once again, congratulations to all!

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