Community Survey February Results

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Mar 24, 2016 9:45:00 AM

We’re running a continuous survey on the Vaadin community to understand where you are and what other tech you’re using with Vaadin. We can see that there are approximately 150 000 developers using Vaadin actively so a few hundred can only tell you so much – but it’s nonetheless important information for us for knowing that we’re doing the right thing.

We'd also like to share the central findings with you here – so you'll get to know your community colleagues better.

Vaadin February Community Survey Results

Thank you a lot for changing my life to the better :)
– Serbian NetBeans developer
We have found Vaadin to be an excellent framework that is well supported and excellent quality. We are a startup on the verge of netting our first major contract. In my view, Vaadin is in a class by itself.
– Trinidad and Tobago IntelliJ developer
Keep up the good work
– Belgian Eclipse developer
100% positive satisfied with Vaadin. 0% error, 0% bug.
– Indian Eclipse developer
Congratulations, Vaadin is a beautiful framework. In the future I intend to use an updated version of your framework. I desire you keep this development.
– German Eclipse developer
Hi guys, you are doing an awesome job with the Vaadin stuff. Since I found your framework 30 months ago, I am trying to convert my colleagues in the usage of Vaadin. I am in the R&D department of my company, and our projects (health and well-being fields for seniors and people with disabilities) are coded with your technology. Thanks a million for releasing it as open source and giving us the opportunity to "contribute". Greetings from Spain.
– Spanish Eclipse developer
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