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Community Spotlight - November 2016

Alejandro Duarte
Alejandro Duarte
On Nov 30, 2016 10:15:00 AM

The past months have been amazing for Vaadin Directory. We have close to 700 published add-ons! In this month’s Community Spotlight I’d like to highlight some of the new add-ons contributed by our community in the last six months.

Although I’m only featuring completely new add-ons here, there are also some great improvements added to existing add-ons. The best way to stay up to date with what happens in your favourite add-ons is to visit once a week or to follow notifications in the website or the Eclipse plugin.

DNDScroll Add-on by Anna Koskinen

This add-on includes the TableAutoScrollExtension and PanelAutoScrollExtension classes, which add automatic scrolling when a dragged element is hovered near the end or the beginning of the layout.

OAuth2 Popup Add-on by Bryson Dunn

Add OAuth support to your Vaadin applications by embedding a button that does the work for you. The API for this add-on aims to make configuration as simple as possible without hiding any functionality to allow fine-tuning for unsupported OAuth services. The button provided by this add-on opens a popup window which handles the OAuth authentication.

UITask for Vaadin by Mike Pilone

This add-on is primarily composed of a task that can be run on a background thread via an Executor and then complete the work safely in the UI thread/lock via a UIAccessor. In Vaadin, UI modifications must be done after obtaining the UI lock. This add-on attempts to simplify that process by providing an implementation of Future and exposing methods that are safely called in the UI thread.

server-state-button Add-on by Gerald Koch

A button that contains graphical information about the CPU load and RAM usage as well as the logged in users.

Twitter widgets for Vaadin by Marco Collovati

This add-on provides UI components to integrate an application with Twitter, including Tweets, Timelines, and buttons (follow, tweet, mention, hashtag).


SideMenu Add-on by Teemu Suo-Anttila

A Vaadin component that allows the user to easily make side menus like in

Screen Shot 2016-11-29 at 17.27.28.png

Other new add-ons

BrokenImageFix by Marcel Hartwig: Fix for broken images in browsers. If you use an Image with an com.vaadin.server.ExternalResource in modern browsers and the image isn't available, a broken image is shown.

Vaactor by Otto Ringhofer: Asynchronous communication of Vaadin components with actors, manages session state using actors.

NonSpellCheckTextArea Add-on by Andy Wijaya: Text area that doesn't check spelling.

CapsLockWarn Add-on by Andy Wijaya: Warns when the capslock key is active.

OnOffSwitch by 대성 김: CSS3 On/Off switches with animated transitions.

Gwt-vaadin-graphics by Franck Lefebure: A Vaadin wrapper for the GWT Graphics addon and a set of Vaadin components to manipulate SVG widgets.

CleanupServlet Add-on by Anna Koskinen: Add a cleanup thread for each session to make sure session cleanup happens.

Keen Charts Add-on by Alejandro Duarte: A Vaadin integration for Keen IO, an analytics service to collect, explore, and visualize data.

HammerGestures Add-on by Pontus Boström: A extension that provides support for touch gestures such as pan, swipe, pinch and rotate. It uses the Hammer.js library.

DatabaseVisualizer Add-on by Thorben von Hacht: Wrapper around a Polymer web component element to help visualize a relational database.

GridActionRenderer Add-on by Anna Koskinen: A renderer for adding an action column to Grid with separate tooltips for each action.

Enhanced Window Opener by Marco Collovati: An extension of Vaadin’s BrowserWindowOpener that aims to simplify the opening of generated content in a new browser window or tab.

volga by Matti Tahvonen and Nicolas Fränkel: Add metadata to your Vaadin applications, which will help social media services and search engines to better interpret your application.

styletoggler by Jonni Nakari: Button extension which toggles another component's CSS style names on the client-side.

ContainerBuilder by Radek Pakula: Use annotations to build containers for other components.

Plotly.API by Sirine Bchini: Draw interactive charts. This add-on is built with the library plotly.js.

CylinderComponent by Felype Ferreira: Render cylinders in Vaadin applications.

Excel Exporter by bonprix HgmbH: Export Vaadin components to Excel.

CssCheckBox Add-on by Zoltán Kiss: An alternative to the standard CheckBox component.

SimpleFileDownloader by Nikolay Gorokhov: A modified version of the FileDownloader component that allows to launch downloading resources by any event.

Chart.js Add-on by Michael Oberwasserlechner: A wrapper for the Chart.js charting library.

TiffViewer by Radek Pakula: Display images in .tiff (.tif) format.

Excel Uploader by 대성 김: Upload Excel files with helpers to render their content in Vaadin components.

easylayout by David Hofmann: A completely unorthodox but productive API wrapper for Vaadin layouts.

ClickableTextRenderer by Peter Hansson: A Grid renderer which makes cell values clickable and look like a link. Particularly useful for drill-down.

SQLContainer Enhanced by Peter Hansson: Enhanced version of SQLContainer.

Internationalization for Vaadin by Bernd Hopp: Add internationalization to Vaadin apps using DI frameworks.

Security for Vaadin by Bernd Hopp: Add permission-based security to Vaadin apps using DI frameworks.

Localtime Add-on by AMahdy AbdElAziz: A label that shows local time for a given server-time.

LoadTestDriver add-on by Johannes Tuikkala: A simple way to do load testing of Vaadin applications.

GridFastNavigation Add-on by Patrik Lindström: Add “Excel-style editing” features to Grid.

Toastr Vaadin by Simon Kent: Provide non-blocking notifications based on the toastr Javascript library.

PdfViewer by Radek Pakula: A wrapper of PDF.js.

Spring-session-redis by Alejandro Duarte: Replace the standard HttpSession with Redis in Vaadin applications using Spring Session.

Pagination by 대성 김: Add pagination features to Vaadin apps.

Responsive-layout by Jarek Toro: Add responsive capabilities to Vaadin apps.

DatePicker Add-on by Artur Signell: A drop-in replacement for PopupDateField, using the <vaadin-date-picker> element on the client side.

Crud UI Add-on by Alejandro Duarte: Automatically generate CRUD-like UIs for any Java Bean.

Client-side-confirm-button by Daniel Schreiber: Show client side confirmation overlays to have the user confirm a button click without any server interaction.

Splash Screen by Leif Åstrand: Show a splash screen while the browser is downloading the application's theme and widgetset.

Jetty Vaadin Add-on by Alejandro Duarte: Run a Jetty Server for a Vaadin application in plain Java.

IonSlider Add-on by Andy Wijaya: Ion slider to beautify slider with ionic icon.

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Alejandro Duarte
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