Community Spotlight - November 2015

Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen
On Nov 26, 2015 11:47:00 AM

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It’s been a busy autumn for all of us, but the awesome Vaadin community has found some time to squeeze out quite a lot of cool stuff. Let’s cover some of that.


Many developers have been busy participating in Vaadin Challenge. In this competition, organized together with IBM, you can learn a lot about tools, such as Cloud Foundry, Maven, Vaadin, Bluemix, and compete for some awesome prizes.

The answers have been amazing in both quality and innovativity. We’ll most likely cover some of the best parts after the competition. There are still a couple of days left, so if you have a free weekend, it is still not too late to aim for a brand new Apple Watch.

Article picks: an introduction and lots of Domino + Vaadin material

There have been too many nice articles published lately to list them all here. A really nice Vaadin introduction was written by Sing Li. It’s a really good article to link to your friends who still haven’t found Vaadin into their toolbox.

My other article picks also come from the world of big blue. It looks like Domino developers are finding Vaadin as their tool of choice for building UIs. Paul Withers, a well known Domino developer, recently wrote about Vaadin and plans to publish some examples soon. Rene Winkelmeyer wrote about getting the widgetset compilation working with the Domino development setup and the Vaadin Eclipse plugin. And via Rene’s article, I spotted a complete series of articles about getting started with Vaadin + Domino by Sven Hasselbach.

New add-ons

Although we just covered add-ons extensively in the latest Community Spotlight and Vaangular was specially featured in our blog just a week ago, I just cannot avoid listing some new add-ons (or new for Vaadin 7), lately published in the Directory:

  • Html2Canvas Screenshot is an add-on that makes taking screenshots of your clients’ UIs extremely easy with no Java applet or other plugins required.

  • GridStack Add-on provides drag’n drop multi-column grid layouts for Vaadin applications. Good basis for “workspace” like Vaadin UI.

  • brTextField contains lots of helpers to input specifically Brazilian localized values.

  • Extended Token Field is a UI field displaying and inputting tokens.

  • IndeterminateCheckBox A CheckBox with 3 states, now has a Vaadin 7 compatible version.

  • JSClipboard Add-on is a wrapper for a JavaScript tool that allows to copy any text to user clipboard without the need to use an old fashioned Flash integration.

  • MultiRangePicker is a component for selecting multiple fragments from a range of integer values divided into fixed intervals. Selection is possible by clicking individual cells or by dragging the mouse cursor over several at once.

  • LocationTextField is an add-on that geocodes addresses using a configurable geocoder. Now this add-on is also supported in Vaadin 7.

  • LazyTooltip Add-on can replace a standard Vaadin component tooltip with one that can be lazily loaded and asynchronously updated.

  • Waypoints Add-on is an add-on for Vaadin providing a wrapper for the JavaScript library 'Waypoints'.

BTW. If you have an awesome add-on, new or a more mature one, and would like to feature it in more detail in our blog, like we featured Vaangular last week, feel free to contact me and propose an article about it.
Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen
Matti Tahvonen has a long history in Vaadin R&D: developing the core framework from the dark ages of pure JS client side to the GWT era and creating number of official and unofficial Vaadin add-ons. His current responsibility is to keep you up to date with latest and greatest Vaadin related technologies. You can follow him on Twitter – @MattiTahvonen
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