CDN is here – a global network of widgetsets

Satay Nutella
On Apr 1, 2016 6:46:00 AM

Widgetsets – those pesky little creatures living inside your browsers are the pain point of any developer. You know they speed up your app for your clients but it’s a pain in the llama’s ass to compile a new one after adding a new add-on to your project. We felt your pain and are thus happy to release months of intensive work: Vaadin CDN.

Vaadin CDN is a CD-Network that has all the widgetsets you’ll ever need! There are 4 CDs currently in circulation around the world, distributed by average ping time so there’s always one close to you; one in the Utah NSA building which they can inject into your app any time you want (or most probably even if you don’t want), one in Siberia (we noticed some of you live far away and this is the furthest away place we knew), one in Beijing so that our friends inside the great firewall can get some widgetset love as well and one in Laitila (a small village in Finland where the local post seems to have lost it inside a chicken farm). No matter where you are – there’s always a widgetset CD close to you! The CD will be sent to you next once you fill in your information so we can let the P2P CD-Network find its way over to your house. See the form below.

For our Pro Tools subscribers we have something even better, a DVDN, it fits SEVEN TIMES the amount of widgetsets compared to a CDN. We’ve thus been able to squeeze in such favorites as Spreadsheet, Charts and Color picker! No more do you need to wait for your compilation when you need to pick a color in your app! Fun times are ahead for you if you’re a Pro Tools subscriber. The DVD will be personally FedExed to you by our Senior Widgetset Expert Masi Ekblab (Terms and conditions apply. Postage plus handling not included.).

So head over and fill in the form, and you’ll be the first one to get your own CDN once we can find all the CDs!

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