Your wait is over - Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans is here

After having an unofficial plugin for NetBeans IDE since the year 2009 we are happy to announce the first version of Vaadin’s official plugin for NetBeans IDE.

Vaadin Plug-in for NetBeans The unofficial plugin was almost an internal jest thanks to its development model. It was first loosely based on Vaadin’s own Teemu’s Community Friday work and later tweaked and fixed by Oracle’s Geertjan and Vaadin’s Sami at several conferences. The plugin slowly evolved to support more features and you could in fact almost write the roadmap for the plugin by looking at the conference calendar and checking when the Vaadin and NetBeans teams would meet next. But this wasn't exacly what our NetBeans users wished for.

Last Sunday we finally tied the knot when Sami from the Vaadin team launched the official Vaadin plugin for NetBeans at NetBeans Day 2013, held on the first day of JavaOne 2013, in San Francisco..

Check out Geertjan’s blog post about the plugin and get the latest version from the Tooling page. Leave your comments below and post your tickets to dev.vaadin.com

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It's about time to recognize there are good programmers that uses Netbeans. emoticon
I survived developing Vaadin apps without using gui builder. emoticon

Posted on 9/27/13 4:26 AM.

We feel your pain. In fact, as I'm typing this the R&D team is planning for the next features and steps to include for the current NetBeans plugin. ;)

Posted on 9/30/13 12:28 PM in reply to Roy Donasco.

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