Vaadin is going cruising, Jfokus 2013 here we come

On Monday February 4th we are going for a cruise and hopefully many of you can join us on M/S Baltic Princess at Vaadin Developer Meetup Cruise. The cruise is a unique opportunity for every Java professional to attend the Jfokus 2013 conference and network with other Java professionals.

The meetup presentation topics include deep dives and status updates for the latest technologies related to Java development as well as discussion on how development should be done in general. The speakers for the meetup this year are Stephen Chin from Oracle, Martijn Verburg, CTO and cofounder from jClarity and also Artur Signell and Joonas Lehtinen form Vaadin. Martjin will talk about Modern Software Development Anti-Patterns, and Stephen will continue with Integrating JavaFX and Vaadin. Artur Signell will share his knowledge on what will be new in Vaadin 7.

After the amazing presentations and great speeches it is time to grab a beer. The meetup is also a good opportunity to corner Artur Signell and Joonas Lehtinen to get them to promise the features you have been waiting for in Vaadin 7.1. The later the night, the better changes for promises - though less chances for remembering those promises. We hope that we are able to serve you 7.0.0 release cake on the cruise. It all depends on whether the RC due this week is golden or not. In either case, it would be great see you on board!

Jfokus 2013

The cruise is a warm-up for the yearly Jfokus conference that will be arranged in Stockholm 4.-6.2.2013. Jfokus is one of the largest Java developer events in Europe - 1500 attendees, over 50 conference presentations and world class speakers. The conference is arranged together with Javaforum Stockholm. Javaforum is a Swedish developer community and an official Java User Group (JUG) which premier purpose is to support Swedish developers. At Jfokus we will have a booth in the exhibition area so in case you are attending the conference come by to say hello. We are also planning to have a pile copies for the Book of Vaadin "almost final edition for Vaadin 7". It is so fresh that is has not even been printed yet. Feel free to grab a free copy.

Jfokus must see presentations

The sessions and presentations you do not want to miss at the conference are at least the following ones: By attending GWT and Vaadin Open BOF you will have the opportunity to discuss GWT and the the new features of it with people from GWT steering committee and core developers of Vaadin. In Designing HTML5 Components Joonas Lehtinen will discuss the best practices for designing reusable web components. Daniel Kurka, Google Web Toolkit steering committee member, will present mgwt - GWT goes mobile. Katharina Fahnenbruck will talk about What Makes Your Web App Screamingly Fast.

Enroll now!

Now is the time to sign-up!
The Vaadin Developer Meetup
is free-of charge, all you need to do is sign-up and book yourself the cruise. At the same time you can register to Jfokus as well in case you have the opportunity to stay in Stockholm after the cruise.

The whole week will be a blast, hope to see you onboard and at Jfokus!

Wow.. acquiring knowledge on the cruise, it looks awesome. I think this meetup would be ideal for java lovers. It would be more exciting if we can get some updates in Vaadin 7.1
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