New Comparison Matrix

We have had a comparison matrix that has been outdated for the longest time. It hasn't been touched because, you know, the old "more important stuff to do" reasoning, and all that. Well, we finally sat us down and decided to fix the eyesore of now-useless information and updated it with new versions and even more features to compare by.

Since we're trying to have the comparison as truthful as possible, and we certainly don't have as extensive experiences in the other technologies compared to that with Vaadin, we're making this public call for comments and critique. We intend to keep the matrix more up to date than the previous one, so feel free to chime in in the future too.

The participants were chosen from a wide range of rich web technologies. Although not all of them are directly comparable with each other, we wanted the most popular and widely used technologies to be represented and given a fair shot at coming along for the ride.

So, we invite all of you to go to our comparison matrix. Rummage around, check through the ticks and notes, and if you see something being weird of looking off, feel free to submit a change request using the "Submit Change Request" link on the bottom left of the shown matrix. We'll then take a more stern look into it.

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