7.0.0 RC - Is it golden?

Finally after 15 months of hard work, 3 alphas, 11 betas and way too many delays, there is finally a Release Candidate for Vaadin Framework 7.0.0. Now the question remains: is it good enough?

We’ll use a simple method for finding the answer. We are asking you. Is 7.0.0 RC good enough for you? If you speak it out loud (submit a bug report for blocking the release), we’ll fix the bug and release RC2 instead. If you say nothing, 7.0.0 RC will become the final 7.0.0 release.

While we have been working really hard - we do not expect 7.0.0 RC to be perfect. Far from it. There are still known issues and the performance should be optimized quite a bit. Do not worry, we plan to use a lot of effort for these in 7.0.1 and 7.0.2 and .. well, in many maintenance releases to come. As long as the initial 7.0.0 release is good enough for you, it will serve as a good starting point for the future.

Now it is your turn - even if you have skipped all of the alphas and betas - try out Vaadin 7 and tell us what you think about it.

You can find info about what has changed since Vaadin 6 in the blog posts about Vaadin 7 alpha1, alpha2, alpha3 and beta. There is a migration guide from Vaadin 6. A preview of the Vaadin 7 edition of the Book of Vaadin (PDF) is available. And the Vaadin team is happy to help you hands on in the migration - just ask.


Vaadin 7 is slower than Vaadin 6. There was a ticket for it, which has been closed:
Ticket #10318 (closed task: fixed)

Last comment from the bug:
As of now based on your test results, even the best performing browsers (FF and Chrome) are roughly 2 to 3 times slower with Vaadin 7 than Vaadin 6. I look forward to more performance improvements before the 7.0 final.

15 months of work and Vaadin 7 is slower than the previous version.
(I've tried beta3,5,6,11 & rc1)
Posted on 1/17/13 9:40 AM.
We are working on optimizations and will fix the performance. We should be able to deliver the some important optimizations in 7.0.1 at latests (couple of weeks after 7.0.0). For 7.0.0, correctness is more important.
Posted on 1/17/13 9:48 AM in reply to Peter M.
My team wants to try the migration but are waiting for a decent migration guide as they have a pretty advanced app built on Vaadin 6.

The current migration guilde is pretty old
>>> This document has been updated for Vaadin 7 beta 2

Also for statements like
>>>> Application.setUser(), Application.getUser() and Application.getVersion() have been removed without replacement.

They would like to know what should be path if they are already using it.

Unless we have the above, not sure how we can proceed.

Can you give a timeline on when can we expect an updated version of the migration guide ?
Posted on 1/17/13 5:41 PM.
Panel.setScrollable(boolean) is also gone without an hint ;-)
Posted on 1/17/13 7:37 PM.
A better structured and up-to-date migration guide is on the way, still needs a little work before publishing - I hope it'll be out next week.

Most of the points in the old migration guide are valid, but the structure is not very user-friendly and many of the points are too much on the level of details while not giving a good overview of what is needed for migration.

Application.setUser() etc. was a method for keeping one "random" piece of non-Vaadin data in the Application object, and can easily be replaced with a user field and accessors for it in your UI class. Vaadin version can be obtained from the com.vaadin.shared.Version .
Posted on 1/18/13 2:29 PM in reply to Rohitashva Gaurava.
Henri, thanks for the update. WIll ask the team to wait for the updated document next week.
Posted on 1/20/13 7:57 PM in reply to Henri Sara.
I don't see the 7.0.0.rc1 release in Maven yet. Are you guys planning to publish to Central Maven? I
Posted on 1/21/13 8:55 AM.
Vaadin 7.0.0.rc1 has been in Maven central since 16-Jan-2013 12:02 - within hours of its release.

If you are migrating from Vaadin 6.x, note that the set of artifacts has changed (vaadin-server, vaadin-shared, ...). If you were using an artifact search tool, many of them update their caches with a long delay.
Posted on 1/21/13 9:41 AM in reply to Paul Middelkoop.
In my company releasing a measurably slower product and declaring it an upgrade wouldn't go over with our customers.

Premature optimization may be the root of all evil but failing to recognize that the UI is where the users are is beyond my understanding.

The release of version 7 should be delayed IMHO until the performance at least equals Vaadin 6 in most respects.
Posted on 1/30/13 3:12 PM in reply to Peter M.
Vaadin 7.0.0 was released today with rendering performance comparable to latest Vaadin 6. Layout performance is substantially better. Some of the optimizations for 7.0.1 are already in trunk and the performance already looks much better than Vaadin 6.8.8
Posted on 2/4/13 9:05 AM in reply to Doug Tillman.