The modern web application platform for Java

Vaadin is a web app development platform for Java. It helps you build reliable web apps with great UX faster than before.

Everything you need to build reliable business apps

Building a modern business web app can be a daunting task.
It doesn’t have to be.

Building an enterprise web app involves a lot of moving pieces. Vaadin simplifies the process with an integrated web app development platform for Java backends. Vaadin comes with all the components, frameworks, and tools you need to build a reliable, secure, app with great UX.
Vaadin offerings
Design System

Good UX is good for business.

Research shows that good user experience (UX) increases employee engagement, helps digital transformations to succeed, and avoids costly mistakes.

Vaadin Design System includes components and UX patterns that help you build consistently good user experiences in every app. Better yet, you can use it to build a custom design system for your organization.

Vaadin Design System
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UI components
Vaadin comes with 45+ UI components that help you build consistent UIs fast. The theme can be customized to match your brand.
Figma design kit
When designers and developers have the same components available to them, you can go from design to implementation faster.
Accessible for all
Vaadin components work with screen readers and assistive devices so everyone can use you app. Also important for regulatory compliance.
Collaboration Engine

Work is collaborative.
Your app can be too.

The digital transformation of business workflows and an shift towards remote work has made online collaboration more important than ever. With Vaadin Collaboration Engine you can help users of your application work together in real-time to stay productive no matter where they work.
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Built for Java backend

A flexible development model that lets you focus on what matters.

Whether you prefer building apps completely in Java or like to be closer to the browser with TypeScript, Vaadin gives you end-to-end type safety and integrated tooling.

With less time spent configuring build tools and updating incompatible libraries, you have more time for what matters: building features for your users.

Flow Framework

Java backend & Java UI

Vaadin Flow is an open-source framework for building web apps in Java. You build your app from UI components without ever having to touch HTML or JavaScript.

Fusion Framework

Java backend & TypeScript UI

Vaadin Fusion is a framework that helps you rapidly deliver beautiful reactive client-side web apps using TypeScript with a Java backend.

Choose your framework
    import com.example.application.backend.GreetService;
public HelloWorldView(@Autowired GreetService service) {
  TextField name = new TextField("Name");
  Paragraph greeting = new Paragraph("");
  Button sayHello = new Button("Greet");
  sayHello.addClickListener(e -> {
Apps you can rely on

Secure by design.

Vaadin powers business-critical apps in some of the largest financial, healthcare, and government institutions around the world.

The server-driven architecture of Vaadin Flow keeps the app running in a secure environment with a minimal attack surface. Vaadin Fusion secures all endpoint communication by default and validates data integrity both on the client and server. 

We know enterprise apps

Loved by 200,000+ developers and relied on by Fortune 100 businesses.

At Vaadin, we don't just create tools for building web apps. We also help our customers build apps with Vaadin. 20+ years of first-hand experience in building enterprise apps helps us identify and solve real problems so you can be more productive.
Customer Stories
DellEMC Bank of America
Netflix Volkswagen JP Morgan Chase
Motorola Primerica
From a management perspective, I was looking for a framework that boosts the team's productivity, is easy to learn and allows us to scale. I was looking for professional support to augment our team. Vaadin delivers perfectly well on all these aspects.
DI Martin Suntinger
Development Director, Automic
Technology you can trust

Open source for enterprise.

Vaadin offers up to 15 years of feature updates, support, and bug fixes for long-term support (LTS) versions.

This means you can focus on building features that add value to users, instead of spending time on migrations and maintenance work.

Get guaranteed development support directly from the team that built Vaadin with a Prime subscription, or join the open source community on GitHub, Stack Overflow, and Discord.

Start building with Vaadin now!

We are here to help you succeed. Our specialists are happy to answer any questions you may have, and our technical documentation includes tutorials and copy-paste code examples on the different Vaadin features.