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Vaadin 14 Extended Maintenance

Secure the future of your application

Vaadin 14 is reaching the end of life

After 5 years after its initial release, Vaadin 14 will reach its end of life on August 14, 2024. Your Vaadin 14 application will no longer receive:

  • Critical security fixes and patches
  • Browser and JVM compatibility fixes
  • Feature updates
  • Bug fixes

At best, this could just lead to some downtime for your users and extra work for your development team.

At worst, this could result in compromised applications or confidential data being stolen by malicious actors.

Extended Maintenance (EM) allows you to maintain the safety and functionality of your Vaadin 14-based applications for up to 10 more years.

Extended Maintenance for V14

Continuous updates give you peace of mind and ensure your V14 application's continued success. Worry less about browser compatibility, bugs, and, most importantly, the security of your user data.

V14 Extended Maintenance is available for purchase for Prime and Ultimate subscribers only.

Types of Maintenance Tasks

The Vaadin support team performs two types of maintenance tasks to keep Vaadin 14 secure and up-to-date:

  1. Proactive Tasks
  • Ensuring browser compatibility with integration testing on Vaadin 14-supported browsers.
  • Monitoring third-party libraries for security alerts, etc.
  • Monitoring the security impact of new features added to Vaadin 14 by request, such as through Expert on Demand hours. Security impact is reviewed by the normal review processes

  1. Reactive Maintenance Tasks
  • Responding to bug fixes and warranty priorities for Vaadin 14.
  • Responding to Expert Chat requests for Vaadin 14-related issues.

Stay secure
Keep using your V14-based applications, safely.
Stay compatible
Receive compatibility patches for all major browsers.
Remove bugs
Keep your applications running smoothly with bug fixes.
Get more time
Modernize at your own pace.
Improve security with AppSec Kit
Identify vulnerable dependencies in your Vaadin application and reduce false positives.

Developing with Vaadin 14 EM is easy

You will get a license key and GitHub access to the maintained Vaadin 14 Extended Maintenance version for your development team. Start building and deploying with the Vaadin 14 EM version immediately.

How to access Vaadin 14 EM:



Purchase a Prime or an Ultimate subscription with Extended Maintenance by contacting or your dedicated Account Executive.

Please note that Extended Maintenance is an additional feature on top of the subscription.

License check

License check is done through user login. Another option is to place a license file in the home directory or supply the license information using a system property. Please find the instructions here.

Start building

Extended Maintenance releases are distributed through Maven central. Please find all the latest Vaadin versions at with links to release notes and download pages. 

Secure the future of your Vaadin 14 application

Ensure the longevity and security of your Vaadin 14 application with our Extended Maintenance add-on, available for Prime and Ultimate customers. Contact us today, and let's safeguard your application's future together!