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Vaadin licensing FAQ and troubleshooting

Do I have a valid Vaadin Pro, Prime or Enterprise license?

Check by going to Please find Vaadin's open source licensing terms here.

How do I assign license seats for team members?

License seats can be assigned only by either the license owner or administrator. Please contact your team's license manager. 
For license owner or administrator: Login to -> go to top right hand corner My Account -> Team management

Do I need a license for production use? 

In general, after deploying the application into production you don't need a subscription to use commercial Vaadin components and features. A valid Vaadin subscription is only needed for development time. The only exception for this rule is the Collaboration Engine, which is priced per end user.

What happens to a license if the developer leaves the company? 

The license owner or administrator can reassign the seat to someone else, from > My account > Team Management, or they can ask this from  

How to install v6/v7/v8 license keys

Vaadin v6/v7/v8 license check is done through license keys. Please find your license keys from Click on a license key to obtain the purchased key. Note: a new set of keys will be generated with every subscription renewal.

To install the license key in a development workstation, you can copy and paste it verbatim to a file in your home directory

License for each product has a separate license file as follows:

Vaadin Charts

Vaadin Spreadsheet

Vaadin TestBench

You can also pass the key as a system property to the widget set compiler, usually with a -D option. For example, on the command-line:

java -Dvaadin.<product>.developer.license=L1cen5e-c0de …​

How do V10+ version licenses work?

The licenses for commercial components in Vaadin 10 and newer are checked automatically through your login. Check if your browser is logged into with an account that has a license.

You only need to install the license key for using tools Testbench and Designer, or when running on a CI/build server.

How to use licenses with TestBench, Designer or MPR for Vaadin 10+ projects?

TestBench, Designer and Multiplatform runtime (MPR) are tools which need license keys also with Vaadin 10+ projects.

How to install your license:
Option 1: Place the license file in the home directory

The license file is installed in
~/.vaadin/proKey (Mac/Linux) or %HOMEPATH%\.vaadin\proKey (Windows)

Download your personal proKey file from here.

Option 2: Supply the license information using a system property

If defined, the vaadin.proKey system property will be used instead of the file in the home directory

How to use license with CI/CD server? 

If you need a license for a build or CI server, you don’t need a separate license seat for it, just use one of the existing developer licenses. Either download a prokey for offline use or use it with -Dvaadin.proKey jvm parameter.

How do I see which Vaadin version the application is using?

You should have a pom.xml file in the root of your Vaadin project. Look for a `vaadin.version` property there. If you can’t find it a `vaadin.version` property, check if there’s 

  • A `vaadin-bom` dependency. Its version is the Vaadin version.
  • A `vaadin-server` dependency. Its version is the Vaadin version.

If you can’t find a `pom.xml` file, look for a `build.gradle` file. There should be a `vaadin {` block that has the version number.

If you can’t find a `pom.xml` file or a `build.gradle`, look for an `ivy.xml`. It should have something like <!ENTITY vaadin.version "7.6.5"> which shows the version.

Where can we get help with license related issues?

Please contact  and we can help you further.


Common license issues (debugging)

I get a trial message although I have a valid license

Check if you have a valid license by going to If not, either your company's license administrator has not yet assigned a seat for you, or the license is no longer valid. 

"This application is using components which are a part of a Vaadin subscription”

Check if you have a valid license by going to

Clear Vaadin cookies and try again.

Please make sure that you use the same window.

Adblocker or 3rd party cookie denial could be blocking the license check. However, the error message only appears in development mode when in localhost. When the application is deployed into production and accessed from outside it will not show, thus the message will not visible to the end users of the application.

Why does my student license show as a trial?

Sometimes a student license shows as a trial, but the license is a valid Vaadin Pro student license and works normally.

Students can check the student program state by opening the profile menu or at

Why is GitHub student status not verified?

Please apply again for the student program at If the problem continues, please contact us in the Vaadin Discord channel.  

I have v10+ application and I have problems license problems (not Designer or TestBench, see below)

If the user visits, it should say that the subscription is OK.

If it says something else, the license nag popup will show.

If it says {"result":"nokey","message":"","subscription":""} then there is no proKey cookie set or sent.

If the site is showing the subscription is valid, but json returns nokey, then two possible solutions are:

  • Remove all cookies, log in again and then visit the URL again to see if the result changes
  • Delete .vaadin/proKey in the home dir and try launching Designer/the IDE again

I have v10+ application and I have problems with Designer or TestBench

Vaadin 10+ license is done through online validation through your login. For using tools like Designer or TestBench please install license key (see above 

You can install the ProKey to your development machine or CI server via instructions here:

Are you behind a proxy? If so, you may need to configure proxy settings in your IDE: 

I have a perpetual license for Designer 2, but after updating Designer I’m asked for a Pro subscription?

Previously it was possible to either buy a Pro subscription, or purchase a single license for a specific major version of a product. From Vaadin 10 onwards, we have decided to discontinue the single licenses. In order to use Designer after the trial period, a valid Pro subscription is required. Please see

Vaadin 10+ and Multiplatform runtime

A known error in  SSLHandshakeException (Reported by users of WebSphere Liberty and WildFly in Docker) :